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los cursos que abriran en el periodo nuevo


los nombres de los cursos la fecha de empazar
Tüm sınıflarda kayıtlar devam ediyor.
IELTS 20.10.2020
TOEFL 20.10.2020
Spanish 20.10.2020
General English 20.10.2020
YKS-Dil 20.10.2020
Turkish Course 20.10.2020
YDS 20.10.2020

According to the course attendants’s choice,our classes consist of 8 personned groups. Our students who graduate from our courses at the end of 8 months can get at least 6.5 out of 9 from an international exam , called IELTS   ,which is done by British Council. For more detailed information you can call us on 0242–228 99 55 OSMAN SABRI ® Language Courses Administration.