Hoşgeldiniz :   

Course attendants who are busy with any reasons can apply with a special petition to our administration to request a special class to be opened for themselves.

Hence,the course attendants continue studying individually with their department teacher under the domination of head teacher successfully.

Attendants who demand private tuition can get lessons whenever and wherever they want.(in their office,home and including our school)

Attendants who prefer private tuition shortens the time of their education programmes by %50 in advance.For example while an attendant graduated from university learns the skills of reading,writing,speaking and listening in the class of 10 students within 12 months, compared with a private ones in the period of 6 months.

Course attandent can easily read a newspaper or watch a TV programme in english or spanish as if he or she is watching or reading in his mother tongue and gets the assurance in written form before starting the course.