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Turkish Courses

We ,as Osman Sabri Language School teach Turkish Language to international students ,who come from different countries like Russia, Great Britain and The United States of America by classifying them into a gorup of 8 students that makes students learn more efficiently and peacefully without any stres.

The duration of our Turkish Course varies from 3 to 13 months ,programmed in as grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening ,speaking and writing skills under the domination qualified master Turkish teachers , who are able to speak english and russian and arabic languages.

Osman Sabri Language School has its own car park ,which can be used for your private cars without any difficulties or paying any fee.The students who complete their Turkish course get their Turkish certificate successfully at the end of education term by participating in Turkish examinations ,with the association of The Ministery of Turkish National Education.
To have furher information about our Turkish Courses , please call us .