Hoşgeldiniz :   

Our toeic courses which are carried under the subject of teaching international conferance language ,consist of 8 person classes,and in making up toeic classes an exam is applied to the attendants considering their age,foreign language level and education and the attendants are placed to the appropriate classes.

When the candidates are ready to take the examination,attendants are sent to the test center where they will take their examination .The candidate is prepared so as to get toeic exam by getting 850 points or more in the period of 1-8 months.The exam consists of two parts ,listening and reading.

In Toeic exam,120 minutes is given to the attendants for 200 questions,for that reason our course is equipped with all kinds of instruments about the lesson and our instutition supports attendants 24 hours who aim %100 success in their exams .
In preperation period our instutition , using 5 volumed Longman and Bruce Rogers books ,gives positive motivation and makes them continue studying far from the stress and noise of the city.

Our instutition, which prepares attendants in the exam environment , applies Toeic pilot test twice each month and evaluates success of the attendants,if an attendant gets 700 or over 700 from 5 pilot tests ,they are sent to the Toeic test center.

Grammar,reading and listening programmes carried in Toeic exam ,are prepared diligently and under the leadership of experienced and successful teachers ,attendants get ready to the Toeic exam in a peaceful athmosphere.