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We prepare TOEFL applicants for TOEFL exam in special classes which consist of maximum 10 students by making them finish 6 volumed books.

Our TOEFL programme is applied 6-10 hours a week every other day and the applicant reaches his aim definitely in 6-8 months time by getting minimum 90 point over 120 point.

Our TOEFL books are Longman,Cambridge, Bruce Rogers, Oxford, Collins and Macmillan Practice Test Books.

TOEFL is an exam which qualifies the applicants reading,writing,listening and speaking skills and accepted worldwide. In TOEFL exam an applicant gets 4×30=120 points totally.

Reading =30

Total Score:120

Our TOEFL applicants start their course in 15 days after their registration.Under the control of our teachers who are nationally and internationally successful ,TOEFL test taker applicants continue studying and they benefit from our courses 24 hours continually support service.

Apart from this ,applicants who become successful from the applied TOEFL pilot tests twice per month,and get 90 points or over 90 from the next 5 pilot tests are routed at once to the real TOEFL exam.