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Osman Sabri® Language Course provides education of spanish not only in speaking,writing and reading but also tries to teach detailed education in spanish literature and culture.Spanish is one of the most taught languages in the world,which is useful for the people who aim proffessions like journalism,international relations,social services,education,politics and working area.In the world there are a number of people who talk spanish.For example %10 of USA population is hispanic origin.

Osman Sabri® Language School aims to prepare spanish students to cope with every kind of situations in spanish spoken countries.

In Osman Sabri® Language Schools where you can learn spanish tastefully which is formal language of 21 countries ,education is given in 8 person classes and attendants are classified according to their ages,education and spanish level.

Course attendants who want to be educated in spanish ,start their education in 15 days after definite registration. Our programmes change from 3 months to 8 months , all other equipments about the lesson are given by our instutition and we teach spanish by the standarts of europe and world.You can see the books used in our spanish course from the pictures below .

Spanish Definite Enrollment Process

Course attendants who want to apply for the spanish department should apply us 30 days before starting the course.After definite enrollment process,attendants are placed in 30-60 days time according to their age,spanish level and education to the 8 person starter,intermediate or advanced classes.