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Primary Education

Osman Sabri® Language School classifying primary school students by their age,foreign language level provides grammar,speaking,listening and writing skills with 10 student classes under the leadership of teachers who are experts in their fields in 8-24 months time.

Generally associated with giving speaking and listening skills,the course makes students get a great performance for their oral and written exams in their schools. There are two teachers who educate students in speaking and grammar lessons .

Firstly grammar teacher prepares students by giving relevant english grammar structures for the speaking teacher and the speaking teacher in terms of social dialogue ,strenghtens and makes them think previous subjects taught by the grammar teacher.

At Osman Sabri® Language School speaking Turkish is forbidden and students are always provided to think and speak in english with their classmates and english teachers.

Course materials of the students are provided by Cambridge and Oxford presses which are famous around the World.

Every weekend except their own weekly course hours ,a special study time is arranged for the students between 3 and 5 pm by the course teachers to review and revise their school lessons.

Students by receiving 4 hour education and at the end of totally 160-320 hours studying get the chance of entering certificate exam applied by the ministry of education,furthermore if students or their parents demand language course get students to take KET, PET and FCI international examinations.

At the end of the examination successful students get their certificates from the minister of education.

Graduate students are checked regularly free every 15 days in order to prevent them from forgetting their english and make them always active.

Primary education classes are arranged in the mornings, in the afternoons and in the evenings according to the student’s school programs.