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Online English – Spanish Courses
Online English – Spanish Courses

Online English and Spanish classes of Osman Sabri Language Course are live broadcast program for the candidates who are unable to attend traditional classes due to not having enough time and they can follow from their latest internet gadgets such as smartphones, PC’s etc. at their homes and workplaces.

Candidates can attend online English and Spanish courses at Osman Sabri in group and individually.

Classes are formed as 8 attendees according to their age, educational degree and their language skills.

Online course fees are monthly $500. In addition, the book and class material fees should also be paid according to course type (General English, General Spanish, TOEFL, IELTS, Business English, Spanish DELE Diploma) which are demanded by students.

Duration of the course changes between 3 – 12 months. Mentioned lectures are given by academicians whom it may concern. This type of education is not typical video class. Attendees are able to raise their hands to interact to lecture in order to ask questions as if they are in the authentic class atmosphere. The best way to learn foreign language is to attend classes at the course building. Online classes are the alternative learning methods for the students who are unable to join real classes.

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Class books which we use in the course can be seen below.