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IELTS-International English Language Testing System

Osman Sabri Language School provides IELTS education to candidates in the classess of 8 persons with a great intensive care under the domination of ielts language teachers who come from Britain. Our Language Course is unique in the field of IELTS –TOEFL exams in Antalya city. We have so many champions in Ielts and Toefl exams from 2006 to 2019, whose certificates you can see whilst visiting our school .

IELTS is an english qualification examination which is valid in higher education instutitions of countries, in Turkey and particular operatings. There are academic and general IELTS examinations but academic Ielts examination is valid for the higher education.In order to be accepted for the higher education instutitions, an applicant should get 6.5 point or over. But according to the applied country or higher education instutitions expectation,this level changes.Ielts examination is valid for 2-4 years .

In ielts examination applicants’ reading, speaking, listening and writing skills are assessed. Ielts examination is carried in two different types; academical english and general english levels. While listening and speaking modules are applied samely in two levels, reading and writing modules are applied in two levels and different formats .

IELTS examination is assessed from 0-9 points and at least 6,5 points must be got so as to certify your real success which will be accepted by all academic associations all over the world like Toefl exam.


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