High School English Course

High School Class / By 25% Discount

Antalya Osman Sabri High School English Course students are deployed in the groups of 12 students according to therie educational background and langauge lavel, in terms of English teaching in 12 -24 months period.

Taking the school program of the students into consideration, they are provided with four skills of language as well as contribution to school program. Moreover, the students are enabled to be in contact with international students.

Osman Sabri Language Course, ensures the students who finish the course successfully to get a MEB approved certificate. (Certified by Ministry of Turkish National Education).

Courses are available in the morning, afternoon and evening in accordance with the school programs of the students. Furthermore, there is an extra course for the students who want to study at the weekend.

At the end of course term, for the purpose that the students have the language profiviency at international level, they are able to take IELTS exam by British Council and prove their success by getting at least 6.5 -9 out of 9 if requested.

IELTS, which is the most popular English Language test, is a trusted and valid indicator of proficiency all over the world.

IELTS certificate of achievement is given when the score is 6.5 out of 9 and is valid for 2-4 years. Candidates are able to take the test every year to boost their score. The students who graduate From Osman Sabri Language School successfully can attend any college or high school in the United Kingdom if they get 6.5 and over in IELTS Academic exam out of 9 points.

Antalya Osman Sabri English Course contributes to students’ further language education in schools along with university preperation exams.

Course students who intend to have 100% success are offered a comfortable environment including flexible course hours , charged course materials, such as English and Spanish audios.

The students have a chance to represent us in national and international English Language tournaments. In addition, they are able to improve their language skills taking part in social activities such as football, chess, and tennis under the guidance of a teacher.

The students are offered to practice their English Language skills by their native English teachers from Britain. In addition, they have conversation in English classes so as to express their opinions on different issues like education, health and foreign langauges with their peers and teachers in speaking club, called Hardtalk.

If you require further information, please get in touch with us by either e-mail or phone to get an appointment for a mutual negotiation about High School English Course.