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Antalya English Course ,School by 20 % Discount

Antalya Osman Sabri english course, which is accredited by Turkish Ministry of Education teaches English and Spanish Languages in the length of 3- 24 monts that can change from a person to  a person according to their demands .Since 2006,with a 18 year experience and qualification in english teaching , Osman Sabri Language school has a great prestige and reputation in Turkey ,Europe and Latin American countries .

Every year hundreds of international students attend our english courses from different countries to learn english and get toefl and ielts exams with a high score  .Compared with english courses  in England ,Osman Sabri English Course has  quite economic and affordable prices  to reach  your goal truly .

We teach english spontaneously without  stress   in  a hygienic ambience that makes students learn faster through satisfaction of learning and teaching .

Osman Sabri  was chosen as the best  Language Course in the field of english education and academic exams of toefl ,ielts , Pte and other english exams held in Turkey in terms of criterions of English teaching in 2019  by Association of Language  Schools in the United Kingdom.

The number of students in a class is restricted to only 12 students who are classified according to their age,alma mater   and the level of english if they have ..
  • Best English Course with economic prices
  • Accredited by Ministry of Education
  • An 18 year experience in English Teaching
  • Since 2006 with a great prestige and reputation
  • Classes are restricted to only 12 students

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