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English being an international language,is given according to the age,education,and foreign language level of the course attendants with 10 students at Antalya Osman Sabri® Language Schools.Course attendants ,who undergo through English reading,speaking,writing and listening skills, can discuss with the foreigners on bilateral relations such as international economy,culture,politics,health,environment,etc. at the end of the term.

Course attendees can use their english given in Osman Sabri® Language school in their social daily lives after graduating from the course .Although a course attendant graduates from the course ,the attendant is checked once a month regularly.Two teachers who are experts in their fields are responsible for each class and the lessons are given alternately by the teachers .

Osman Sabri® Language School, which signed its name in various successes not only in our country but also in the world, is the only instutition which opens classes according to the level of english ,education degree and age of the course attendants.

Our Language School ,using the books which are used in Europe and America in language education, accepts course attendants whose ages are between 8 and 80. We work with appointment which you will get whilst calling us .