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100% Guaranty Announcement
Yes! It’s completely true!

100% guarantee, why and how?


1) Osman Sabri Language Course gives lessons in groups of 7+1.

2) We have a high opinion of team work, and therefore all the candidates are placed in accordance with their age, educational background and language level on this purpose.

3) The students in these classes are ready for the lessons unless they have allibies such as traffic, health or etc. The students are able to take an additional course as long as they prove their allibies with a report.

4) In language training, each candidate is put into the groups which are suitable for their age, educational background and language level.

5) Osman Sabri Language Course enables all the candidates to be literate in English while providing them with the ability of discussion of country and world issues in 8 months at the very latest.

6) During the lesson, language training techniques applied provides the students with the ability to think in English in a 3-month-time. The lessons are not taught in Turkish.

7) Discipline is considered important and thus the students who do not study, comprehend the lesson or arrive late are taken from the classes in order that the successful students are not affected by negative attitudes.

8) There are two teachers available for Grammer and Speaking lessons. Grammer teacher teaches grammar topics and vocabulary while speaking teacher reinforces the ability to speak on the grammar topics taught previously.

9) The students are exposed to the two types of accent as British and American.

10) The students are provided with flexible course hours and days.

11) Despite all these things, the students are discharged and refunded in case of failure in 2 months.

12) Osman Sabri Language Course has graduated many candidates conforming to the principles of the institution mentioned above.