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100% Guaranty Announcement
100% Guaranty Announcement
Yes! It’s completely true!


1) Osman Sabri Language Course teaches english and spanish  in groups of 8.

2) We have a high opinion of team work, and therefore all the candidates are placed in accordance with their age, educational background and language level on this purpose.

3) The students in these classes are ready for the lessons unless they have excuses  such as traffic, health or etc. The students are able to take an additional course as long as they prove their excuses  with a report.

4) In language training, each candidate is put into the groups which are suitable for their age, educational background and language level.

5) Osman Sabri Language Course enables all the candidates to be literate in English while providing them with the ability of negotiating national and international  issues in a 12  month period  .

6) During the courses , theories in applided linguistics  provide the students  to think in English in a 3-month-time.

7) Discipline is considered significantly and thus the students who do not  do their homework or study regularly are deployed in a lower class  lest successful students should be distracted adversely .

8) Language classes  have 2 different brach language teachers that are  grammar and skill   ones in the field of listening,reading,writing ,vocabulary and speaking

9) The students are taught   2 types of accents like British and American ones .

10) The students are provided with flexible course hours and days.

11) Despite all these things, the students are discharged and refunded in case of failure in 2 months.

12) Osman Sabri Language Course   had many candidates  graduate conforming to the principles of the institution mentioned above.